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Interwiew with Sana Zahid owner of Ecstatic's, Research Executive, a Writer, a Volunteer, a Business Consultant

I am Sana Zahid from Pakistan,a Commerce Graduate with diploma and certifications done in HR, Computerized Accounting and Information Technology. I'm an Entrepreneur running my own business named Ecstatic’s. Apart from these, I'm a Research Executive, a Writer, a Volunteer, a Business Consultant for Swedish Company, Member of Online Young Entrepreneur Society, Founder of La Vogue and the Co Founder of Entrepreneur's Online Exhibition Community.

How did you get interested in starting this  business?
Ecstatic’s is a passion and an idea that was in my mind since a long time....My father does a Construction business in Saudi Arabia,during my schooling I started taking interest in learning how he deals with the business. In college days,observing my business interest, my uncle suggested me to study business instead of doing medical sciences. Then things changed and I selected Commerce subjects for my Graduation. So,along with business studies, I have launched my own business last year on August 7,2011.

Who inspired you in the beginning ?
Well I must say that My dad and my friend Bushra Hassan are my inspiration for Ecstatic’s.

What problems did you face to achieve your career?
When Ecstatic’s came into being, many people started questioning about my decision of online business and yes they were right as there were lot of challenges and problems coming my way, but as I was passionate about the work and loved challenges, I did day and night efforts to overcome those hurdles with sincerity and finally as you can see with ALLAH'S blessings and encouragement of my Family and Friends, ALHAMDULILLAH, Ecstatic’s is getting famous.

Whom you have worked with?
I believe that in every field, credibility and trust is earned through teamwork and dedication.At Ecstatic’s, we try giving our best in every aspect. My team members Hira, Momina, Bushra, Abdullah, Waqas, Mohsin and Imran are working day and night to make Ecstatics grow.
I am also working with different suppliers and companies including Oriflme Sweden, Color Studio, Saeed Ghani, JMC, EJ_Arts, Sam Ash Collections and Sumaika's Collection to provide best standards to our customers.

What are results of your achievements?
In reviewing Ecstatics's achievements, I must say, I try my best to make business plans in such way that I achieve my desired results.With lady luck,I am really pleased to see that the products collection, services and marketing has increased the public response.
Result of my achievement is that I'm more sound financially and able to grow my business by investing more. And by the grace of ALLAH we have above 3800 members on record who really appreciate our work.
To expand Ecstatic’s, I have been bringing in more products. I have participated in three Exhibitions this year, SAIMS Event, Grand Summer Mela and Designer Showcase Season 2 as an Entrepreneur.

What is your opinion about people’s needs?
I try to develop my work ideas with the Ecstatic’s buyer in mind as I believe people's needs base on what they can not achieve within the country they live in. In Pakistan, my people need branded items, and most of them want replicas too in affordable range. So I present products by focusing those groups and their feedback.

How do you see the work nowadays in your field difficult or Easy?
Nowadays, No business is an easy task. It takes work no matter if you're offline or online, rather its very time consuming and tiring but yes it is very interesting and different concept. In this competitive market, one needs to learn many things about online business and put maximum efforts and have Lady Luck with him to achieve success.

What are your plans for the future?
As a Pakistani I want to bring name to my country by helping people and contribute to the country’s development.
For Ecstatic’s, my plans for the future depends on how much I can earn....I need more capital to invest and grow business but I know I can grow it gradually. I have some plans in pipeline for Ecstatic including opening an outlet in near future INSHA'ALLAH.

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