Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Interwiew with Muhammad Khurram Graphic Designer

Assalam Alaykom I'm Muhammad Khurram, I am a good, lovable, friendly and moody person. I am studying graphic designing but now a days I am free so I am working on poetry, writing story, graphic and also online with Disney Hollywood studio. I like Hollywood movies and there animation work, I am also footballer, I love myself and my work.

How did you get interested in graphic designing?
I am just student, I am interested this field and I love this work I want to be a great designer in the near future a big animation studio INSHALLAH.

What artists or works you like most? You have any favourite designer or product?
I like Hollywood actors and also animators, my wishes are to work with Hollywood designers  but I know it is so hard and can’t possible but everything is possible in our lives  only believe ALLAH is the key to our  success.
My favorite designer David Arie because is greatest designer I like or make different advertisement page fashion magazine and different type of designing or editing and 3d modeling...

What and who inspired you to start?
I am not inspired any one but i follow David Arie, I am start designing because I love this work.

What problems did you face to achieve your career?
I faced many problems like I don't have source, so i am still finding a good job in a better company i believe in ALLAH.  Parents I  love so much nowadays I face many problems but I think I will be mange every thing, I think if u face whole problem in your life so you go to successfully in your life .

What are results of your achievements?
Very hard or difficult work. Allah  help us....I think every thing is fine.

What are your plans for the future?
Insha Allah to be a great successful man  .. as a graphic designer or Eng, but I want
to be successful in every work.

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