Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Interwiew with Huzaifa Hameed Owner of 4everGreen

My name is Huzaifa Hameed. I am from Pakistan. I am in ICS 2nd year class. I love nature greenery and clean and neat environment. So i think this bags work is need in Pakistan for clean environment. Me and my Father work hard and think about this problem. One day we together meet my father friend is come from China so he tell me about this bags and new arrival, and in Pakistan no have machinery. So my father going in China bought this machinery. We are 1st in Pakistan have machinery.


Why use Non Woven Bags?

      1.               Great for Brand Positioning

2.               Perfect for trade shows & Ideal for promotion

3.               Genuine Eco-Ethical Credibility

4.               A Sustainable Product that has

5.               Fair Trade Provenance and is

Non woven Bags are becoming noticed as the new great Bag packaging alternative. With these stylish, environmentally friendly bags, you can give your company the promotional boost it needs to really stand out at those trade shows or even in your industry as a whole. Non woven Bags are competitively priced to laminated paper Euro-totes and can be considered as a good alternative to paper. Help your customers make an Eco friendly choice with these affordable, imprinted tote bags. Perfect for groceries, pharmacies, boutiques or any type of retail store, and an ideal alternative to disposable plastic or paper bags.

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