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Interwiew with Osman Khan - Grunge rock musician

Osman KhanGrunge rock musician

Tell something about your personality, what kind of person are you?
Nice question to start with, well I am Osman Khan a Rock musician of this country and my genre is Grunge rock, will say that actually brought back the Real Grunge Music in this part of the world, kind of person i am its like i am much of a born artist. Besides music I am completing my Masters in Business Administration and almost done with it, i always keep myself busy in activities like photography,videography, writing, exploring new places and writing everything that is related to me, my experiences and this world. being the only son of my parents i do try and share my experiences with this world via music, music speaks when you actually make it with a pure feeling. that's what i do and i think it connects and reverts back to me.

How did you start interest of music?
Actually, since i was in school i use to write poems and all (haha)old school days, was much more into arts and performing arts, as i gew up music became an addiction and when i actually started singing with 2-3 guys and got into a starter band in my early teenage, which was an awesome feeling you know. but later on things drastically changed and took a break for coupla years and i started learning guitar myself, after those 2-3 years actually i found myself in a situation where it's me and my guitar in my hands and audience in front of me. all that i learnt in 3 years myself in total isolation is actually an outcome of a person i am. since than i never look back.

Who inspired you in start?
I was always in search of a path to actually walk on when it comes to music and this part of the world. I have heard many genre's and artists. Grunge music inspired me the most, bands like Nirvana, Pearl Jam and Musicians like Kurt Cobain, Jim Morrison are my major inspirations. as far as inspiration for songwritins is concerned it's all my own experiences in life or someone i know or meet (People). that's how it goes and a musician is good enough to make a melody of words he wrote on a piece of paper!

Which things was not easy in your carrier?
It's like many things and many people who actually come in your way, trust me introducing something new is never easy at the initial stage. People are People, courtesy is a fair way to deal with them, some people do throw stones in your way or backstab you etc it mostly depends upon you that wither you make a bridge of those stones or throw them back at them.
Nothing in this world is for free or easy to get, it takes effort and time and hardwork and most importantly passion i call it fire though!

What is your result now?
Well, results i would say.Represented Pakistan in Metal Asia Compilation 2012, being featured in top Musicians from all over the Asia is one good achievement for an Artist who is Pakistani, Recently Released My Official music Video "Mujh Mein Hai Aag" (I Have Fire Inside Me) From the Album Rock A Nation which proved to be the new anthem for Youth of Pakistan, Got Featured in NME Magazine alongwith artists like RollingStones, Nirvana, The Drums and many more. Recently gave 2 Tracks as official Soundtrack of an Upcoming feature of Xproductions and an guest appearence as well.
Only Artist of Pakistan who is the pioneer of Grunge Music, Actually bringing the 90's Back.

Who you worked with?

Well I have Worked with Paki Artists, Did Concerts with Artists like Annie Khalid, Ali Azmat, Strings etc. future projects which are now lined up basically are full of collaborations with Artists of Pakistan, UK and India.

How you see this work nowadays easy or hard?
well to me it's not about easy or hard, it's more about how you take it. i take it as my way of expressing my feelings and even escaping from the pain and frustrations that are inside, it's a definite way of freedom that's why it's called Music.
Putting effort with a blend of creativity and passion about it never makes it hard or something else, i play with music and i love it.

What are your future plans?
Future plans, loads of new video's coming up from the album and an international tour is coming up later this year, dreams do come true! Moreover, Just focusing on current state of music industry and actually trying to just give my music to people who really wants to listen, without audience Musicians are nowhere. it's much of a two way process you know.

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Note: pictures are attached hereby and here is the link of Latest Release (Official Music Video)

Mujh Mein Hai Aag- Osman Khan (Official Music Video)

Much Thanks,

Osman Khan.

Event pics of My Mujh Mein Hai Aag- Official Music Video Screening At Cafe Eclipse Islamabad, Pakistan

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