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Interwiew with Shoaib Umer Model, Actor, Singer, Rj, and Host

Well....! This is Muhammad Shoaib Umer...a very simple guy with regular looks.... an ordinary guy who's just trying to be extraordinary in his ordinary way. Basically I'm a multi talented person. I can do a lot more then just waiting for the right chance to come.  I'm an VJ or you may call it HOST along with that singer, RJ (radio jockey), actor, model as well as worked with the drama production teams. I do have talent that's what i know...n that's the same thing world has to know. I can assure one thing about my self...that if some one is excepting me something in any aspect i just try my level best to be more than his/her expectation and to never let anyone down.i did some radio shows as well as TV road shows.
I'm the person who know how to work in drastic conditions. If anyone out there reading this interview need my in any aspect as i mentioned above...just click me on n forget everything. There is passion in my blood.

You have lot of  great profession singing,  modelling, acting… how you can do this all?
Well i do have a hectic routine..but if you really wanna either do something or to achieve some status in society you really need to work a matter of fact i never felt my self bound for music. I keep on singing either I'm in the friends community in class room or in the bathroom.because music is my life line :). As about being VJ n RJ i did some shows but I'm looking for someone who can really value me according to what I'm gifted by GOD. So just hoping  for the best

What problems did you face to achieve your career?
As a matter of fact i faced a lot of hurdle's in my way. People really don't care if you do have talent or anything all matters is references and all. No one supports you. If you want to do some thing? Just do it by your own. When i was prowling around different channel asking for them to have my audition please.. it was the worst experience of my life. They always used to make things pending for next time. It was so disappointing. But i do have firm believe in GOD. I never lose hope so i just kept on trying and by grace of GOD. I was little succeeded. But this is just the beginning.. waiting for a golden chance...

Who have you worked with?
As about my working experience i worked with "Dr.Ejax Waris". He's an Rj at FM103". Worked with "FAHAD SHEIKH"who's doing his own show "11 number" at channel "STYLE 360" a road show. Have a little experience of working with a renowned
music director "DJ Ali Mustafa". Worked with drama production teams like "the players production" in collaboration with "Muaz Raja" RJ at "FM103" i did ramp walk at "bridal couture week" in supervision of "Nomi". So this is how it works.

What are results of your achievements?
Well as about my achievements... literally there is a lot more to do. The term "achievement" is something "exceptional" I'm still a struggle who's trying to achieve some status in society that if a group of people is standing...then the people should know that there is "Shoaib" a distinguished personality.

How do you see the work nowadays in your field Easy or difficult?
It  all depends how you take things. If you will start taking things as burden on your mind. Definitely it will become too hard for you to carry on with that as result...its "difficult". On the other hand if you will start taking things like a regular routine the things will become easy for you. It all depends how you perceive. If you do have passion nothing is difficult or impossible. As a matter of fact it's really hard to survive in this industry to compete people and all but i heard it somewhere that " there is nothing difficult or impossible in this world everything is possible all you need is passion and solid determination...if you do have passion and determination then  word "impossible will say itself that I am possible..!

What are your plans for the future in your field?
As about my future plans...There is along distance i have to cover. My life is just like I'm standing at a seashore n there is the whole sea remaining to deal with. So I'm looking forward for some TV shows as well as road shows along with Radio shows. I want to do all those shows as well as singing to prove myself that who "Shoaib" really is...because its just the beginning....

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